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  • Jun 17

    Starting this month I will be publishing all my new blog posts, articles and other announcements at my WORTH SHARING website. I will continue to create articles and videos that are relevant to the topics you usually find here, including thoughts on inspiring project teams, motivation, team building, creativity, etc.  To find these at the WORTH SHARING website, just click on the “Inspired Project Teams” tab (see diagram below).

    Go to "Inspired Project Teams" tab, Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING website

    Why the Convergence? 

    The short answer is this:  To help you find all the stuff I believe to be “WORTH SHARING” in one location, no matter what the topic. (For a more detailed discussion, click here.)

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  • Jul 30

    Last July I launched my Project Management FREEBIES website. Since then the site has listed more than 99 PM FREEBIES! And there are more on the way every month. Click the image below to learn more.

    Image: PM Freebies home page w/tabs open

  • Nov 22

    If you and your project team members are feeling world-weary and burnt out, maybe its time to step back and ask yourselves some questions like:

    • What are we doing wrong?
    • How could we improve our PM methods?
    • How do other project managers and project teams keep things running smoothly?
    • What are some innovative new PM practices that we should be using?
    • Is there anyone out there who might help us renew our enthusiasm for “life in the projects?”

    Now here’s some good news: It’s fairly easy to find answers to questions like these if you go online and connect with some of the many free PM training and webinars that are available. There are plenty of PM authors, public speakers, consultants, and experts who have worked hard to capture their best practices and recommendations, then make them available to share with you.

    While you can always do a quick Google search, you might also find something valuable on one of my ever-growing lists of free PM training, webinars, etc. at my website, Project Management FREEBIES:

    Project Management FREEBIES website

    Project Management FREEBIES website:

    Remember, you can’t get new ideas and renewed enthusiasm by keeping your head down and doing the same things over and over. So step back, look upward and outward, then “sharpen your saw” so you can work more effectively!

  • Oct 19

    Recording: The Project Mgt. Minimalist Webinar at The Project Management Bookstore

    The recording of my live webinar Become a Project Management Minimalist for The Project Management Bookstore is now available online. I’m proud to say that this live event was sold out!

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  • Jul 30

    Project Management FREEBIES website

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  • Jun 30

    I’m pleased to introduce, The Project Management Minimalist Collection… including the basic PM toolbook, supporting Mentor Guide, and DVD Collection of brief tutorials.

    The Project Management Minimalist Collection

    The Project Management Minimalist collection includes everything you need to help your project team get organized and apply “just enough” PM to “rock your projects!”

    It’s all designed to help you manage your project teams more effectively. Learn more here:

  • Jun 30

    I just emailed my PM Minimalist Update to subscribers. Topics in this issue include:

    • PM Minimalist Book Now Supported by Scripted Meeting Guides & DVD!
    • Overview (w/video): The PM Minimalist Mentor: Scripted Coaching Tools to Guide Your Project Team
    • Overview (w/video): The Project Management Minimalist Video Series (DVD)
    • A New Favorite Minimalist Computer Tool: Jing (video/screen recorder)
    • Reminders, Resources, & Footnotes

    Check it out here:

    Subscribe today & get a Bonus zip file containing 15 PM articles or tools in PDF form (88-pages total!) plus a 37-minute PM podcast!

  • Sep 7

    Some recent feedback from one of my students helped me step back and see the field of project management, and my role as a PM trainer,  in a whole new light. His words were truly inspirational. To share this inspiration, check out my blog post at my other website, Michael Greer’s PM Resources:

  • Jun 5

    Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to inspire and motivate people who don’t have the simple skills they need to do their jobs! If your project team isn’t literate in the basics of project management (PM), they are quite likely frustrated and ineffective. So why not train them in PM basics?

    This may be the only PM Training your people need! And it's FREE!

    Unfortunately, some senior managers believe that PM is so complex that it requires many days of formal training. Paradoxically, the very people who need this basic training are the ones who “don’t have the time” because they are struggling (due to lack of basic PM skills) to keep their projects moving.

    So why not break the cycle of PM ineffectiveness and frustration? These 8 free videos (just under 1 hour total!) are designed to help you apply “just enough” project management (PM) to manage your projects effectively — without burdening your team (and you!) with a bunch of unnecessary PM administrivia.

    Whether you show these at lunchtime or set them up to run in the break room, they will provide the PM basics in an easy-to-assimilate form. By exposing your team to these videos, you’re likely to raise their PM consciousness, increase their effectiveness, and — just maybe — elevate their sense of professionalism. And that, after all, could be quite inspiring!

    P.S. — Did I mention that I teach customized, on site PM classes? So if you decided to “dig deeper” and set aside a couple of days to focus on your team’s PM skills, let me know! (See: About Michael Greer’s Customized, On Site PM Workshops (“First do no harm!”)

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