Inspired Project Teams Enduring Wisdom & Guided Challenges to Help Project Teams Achieve Their Best
  • Coaching Guide

    Click here to see sample pages from the Guide and a complete list of all Podcasts included.

    Special Introductory Price:  Only $14.95!

    This special introductory offer includes both the Inspired Project Teams Podcast Collection and The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide for only $14.95!

    The Inspired Project Teams Podcast Collection includes:

    • 30 podcasts (MP3 format audios)
    • Over 5 hours of audio

    The Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide includes:

    • 58 pages in PDF/eBook form
    • Hundreds of inspirational ideas, quotes, and specific Challenges
    • Hundreds of live links (Just click & go!) to resources for further investigation and study

    Click here for some sample pages, including the complete Table of Contents for the Guide and a list of all audios in The Podcast Collection.

    The regular retail price of this e-book is $19.95.  But now, for a limited time only,  the introductory price is just $14.95.

    Click the link above to purchase.


    TECHNICAL NOTE: The Podcast Collection and Coaching Guide is provided as a single large “zip” file containing 31 files! The 30 Podcasts are in MP3 format and the Guide is in PDF (Adobe Reader) format. If you have technical questions about unzipping and using these files, please see:

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