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  • 70 PM Bloggers Explore The Meaning of Project Management

    Oct 25

    Last month Shim Marom, who publishes the quantmleap blog (which he calls a “Collection of thoughts about project management and other important things”) challenged bloggers from all over the planet to step up on their podiums and share their “sermon” with the world in answer to this question:  “What Does Project Management Mean to Me.”  What’s more, in a fun twist on the assignment, Shim asked these bloggers to synchronize their blog posts so they would all be blasted out at the exact same moment on September 25!  In short, Shim organized a #pmFlashBlog!  

    The result? 70 (yep, seventy!!) blogs simultaneously issued forth words of wisdom from their creators as each alternately struggled to find and then joyfully share their “meaning of project management.”  Below are a few samples from the #pmFlashBlog world-wide event. 


    “Project Management is … an art that could be applied not just to managing projects at the workplace but to everything else we do in our lives….” – Living like a Boss: Project-Managing your life, by Anya Faingersh


    “Project management to me is the science of effectively changing the world.  As project managers, we are agents of change. In a culture hungry for change and a better future, project managers are the ones who will eventually deliver it.” – What does Project Management mean to me? – by  Cesar Abeid


    “What does project management mean to me?  I can answer that in two words:  Shared commitment.  Some projects are successes.  Some projects fail big.  When a project is a failure, you can usually track that failure to a lack of commitment.” – What Project Management Means To Me – #PMFlashBlog by Cheri Baker


    “… a few million project teams are scattered all over the globe, creating the future.  They work in every knowledge domain known to man, including a few that don’t have proper names yet.  Some will create the next iPhone, and some will create the next medical imaging device…  And they create these outcomes, these products, these new bits of our ever-evolving culture, in collaboration with people they might never have even met, had not some earlier project teams delivered the means for them to do so.  We stand, every day, upon the shoulders of teams of giants.  As a project manager, I am humbled by the opportunity to offer up my shoulders to the future.” – What Does Project Management Mean to Me? A Project Manager’s Sermon by Dave Gordon


    The Way is not complex.  
    Follow the simplest path for it is The Way.  
    Be open with your team and they will be open with you.  
    Be one with the universe and the universe will be one with you.  
    The wise project manager is humble, he knows the team does the work.  
    He respects and acknowledges the team and they in turn respect and acknowledge him.  
    The poor project manager seeks fame, the wise project manager seeks inner peace.  
    With fame come problems, with inner peace comes understanding.  
    The poor project manager worries about what to do next.  
    The wise project manager relishes not doing, when nothing needs to be done.  
    Do little, for this is the way of the project manager. “

    –  What does project management mean to me? by John Carroll


    “New products, new processes, new events… all of these come into existence as projects. And to the extent that the soft technology (i.e., management practices) of PM support the birth of any of these new entities, they form a ‘technology of manifestation.’ … [Still…] While PM at its most transcendent may indeed be seen as a ‘technology of manifestation,’ the PM practitioner should also be ready to grab a broom now and then and do the mundane work of keeping the team’s path clear! … The truth is I knew I was a true project manager when I realized that my sense of gratification and pride had shifted from doing great work myself to seeing great work created by a team whose path I had carefully tended.”  – What Project Management Means to Me: “A Technology of Manifestation…” – by Michael Greer


    Intrigued by these samples? Then you’ll want to click here for a list of all 70 #pmFlashBlog posts and links to the original articles. Enjoy!


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