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  • 15 Movies & Documentaries That Will Leave You Feeling Better

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    Aug 22

    Images from Netflix listings: Phoebe in Wonderland, Camilla, What Dreams May Come, My Own Love Song, & Bottle Shock

    Does your typical evening of video “entertainment” leave you feeling drained by a bunch of nerve-wracking, negative energy, violence-filled garbage? Or, worse, do your evenings include “reality shows” that place you squarely in the middle of a bunch of angry narcissists battling each other to “win” some probably-not-worth-winning prize?

    Maybe it’s time for your recreational evening videos to help you “re-create” your reserve of positive energy by helping your feel better about the human condition or by showing you how you can improve your quality of life!  Below are a few of my favorite movies/videos that will leave you feeling better, rather than worse, for having watched them.  (Note: We’ve watched all of these through Netflix. But if you aren’t a Netflix subscriber then check your local library or other sources… they are all worth tracking down.)

    • Elizabethtown — “Fired after causing his shoe company to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) is on the verge of ending it all. But he gets a new lease on life when he returns to his family’sNetflix-Image-Elizabethtown small Kentucky hometown for his father’s funeral. Along the way, he meets a quirky flight attendant (Kirsten Dunst) with whom he falls in love, easing the pain of his recent break-up with his girlfriend (Jessica Biel).” – Netflix listing
    • Bottle Shock — “France’s position as the world’s top wine producer went unchallenged until 1976, when the Montelena Winery put California wines on the map — a story delightfully told in this full-bodied tale about the heady early days of Napa Valley’s success.” – Netflix listing 

    • Phoebe in Wonderland — “Whether at home or at school, 9-year-old Phoebe (Elle Fanning) always seems to get in trouble for breaking the rules. When her drama teacher (Patricia Clarkson) casts her in a production of “Alice in Wonderland,” Phoebe begins to receive personal advice from the play’s characters.” – Netflix listing
    • What Dreams May Come — “When physician Chris Nielson dies in a car accident and goes to heaven, his distraught wife commits suicide and ends up in hell. Risking eternal damnation, Nielson leaves paradise and embarks on an epic journey to save his spouse from Hades.” – Netflix listing
    • The Mighty — “When Kevin, who has a rare physical disorder, meets learning-disabled but very large and strong Max, they bond over a fantasy world of knights and sorcery, and the two outcasts combine their strengths at home and school to overcome their weaknesses.” – Netflix listingNetflix-Image-The-Mighty
    • The King’s Speech — “In this biographical drama that garnered multiple Academy Awards, Britain’s King George VI struggles with an embarrassing stutter until he seeks help from unorthodox Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue.” – Netflix listing
    • My Own Love Song — “Years after a life-changing car accident that left her paralyzed, a wheelchair-bound woman (Renée Zellweger) embarks on a cross-country journey to reconnect with her long-lost son, accompanied by a friend (Forest Whitaker) who won’t let her wallow in self-pity. She used to be a singer, but lately, she’s lost her voice. Maybe facing her emotional demons will bring music back into her life. Olivier Dahan (La Vie en Rose) writes and directs.” – Netflix listing
    • Camilla — “Camilla is a heartwarming comedy about two women (Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda) who become fast friends and hit the road for the adventure of a lifetime. While a confused husband, a desperate son, and a long-lost love frantically try to track them down, the women find themselves in some funny situations, including losing their car in a lake, being duped by a con man, and staging a kidnapping.” – Netflix listing
    • Harry & Tonto — “Ripping a page from John Steinbeck’s novel Travels with Charley, this bittersweet comedy follows an old codger named Harry as he takes a cross-country trip with his cat, Tonto, as a companion. The film earned Carney a Best Actor Academy Award.” – Netflix listing  Netflix-Image-Harry-&-Tonto
    • Grey Owl — “This biopic stars Pierce Brosnan as Archie Grey Owl, a British-born trapper whose marriage to a young Iroquois woman ultimately transforms him into a conservationist who renounces the hunting and trapping of animals.” – Netflix listing  
    • National Geographic: Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West — “Sent by President Jefferson to find the fabled Northwest Passage, Lewis and Clark led the most courageous and important expedition in American history. Journey with them across a breath-taking landscape for an experience that explores the history — and the promise — of America.” – Netflix listing
    • Stephen Fry in America — “Stephen Fry embarks on an odyssey through all 50 states, taking a comic’s delight in the vast differences in regional cultures that he finds. From the Deep South to the mountains, he engages cheerily with all sorts of Americans along the way.” – Netflix listing  
    • Vegucated — “In this documentary, three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. Lured with true tales of weight lost and health regained, they begin to uncover the hidden sides of animal agriculture.”  – Netflix listing
    • Hungry for Change — “This documentary exposes secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don’t want consumers to know about: deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what’s keeping people from having the body and health they want.” – Netflix listingNetflix-Image-Stephen-Fry-in-America
    • Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue — “Join Rip Esselstyn, former firefighter and author of the national bestselling The Engine 2 Diet, as he guides the White and Wally families through an Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. Watch Rip teach these families how to take control of their health.” – Netflix listing

    OK. That’s my list. Now how about yours? What are some of your favorite videos that leave you feeling better after you’ve watched them?  Your suggestions are welcomed in the Comments below.

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